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Brutal New Biden Ad Uses Trump's Own Words About the Pandemic Against Him, and It's Devastating AF

Brutal New Biden Ad Uses Trump's Own Words About the Pandemic Against Him, and It's Devastating AF
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The 2020 Presidential campaign has rightly taken the back seat in the face of a global pandemic that's killed 80 thousand Americans and left millions more unemployed, but that doesn't mean presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is through making his case to the American people.

In fact, the current national health crisis has given Biden a chance to show just how important actual leadership is in times like these—a stark contrast from Trump's Twitter bloviations and temper tantrums in White House press briefings.

A new ad from the Biden administration paints a brutal picture of just how ineffective Trump's so-called leadership has been.

Watch below.

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The ad perfectly lays out how Trump's initial dismissals of the threat posed by the virus resulted in a failure to slow the spread in time for disruption and death to remain at a minimum.

It shows that from January into April that Trump promised the virus would disappear—a position he took in hopes that the economic success he inherited from his predecessor wouldn't be disrupted.

It recalls the now-prophetic words from CDC expert Nancy Messonier on February 25, which enraged Trump:

"Disruption to everyday life may be severe, and I told my children that while I didn't think that they were at risk right now, we as a family need to be preparing for significant disruption of our lives."

The ad continues to play the assurances of Trump administration officials that the virus was contained.

Thirty-three million job losses and 80 thousand deaths later, the ad reminds viewers:

"Donald Trump didn't build a great economy. His failure to lead destroyed one."

People agreed that the ad was extremely effective.

Part of the reason for the ad's effectiveness is how it uses the President's own words.

The only credit Trump deserves in regards to this ad: he hasn't angrily tweeted about it...yet.