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People Are Pretty Grossed Out by Trump Impeachment Lawyer's Closing Thank You Message to Trump


After Senate Republicans shot down a vote to call further witnesses to testify in the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump, the rest of the proceedings are little more than a formality in what is all but certain to end with Donald Trump's acquittal.

With that assured, one of the lawyers defending Donald Trump—Pat Cipollone—thanked the President on the Senate floor.

Watch his remarks at the -2:42:00 mark below.

Cipollone thanked the members of the defense team and Republicans in the House before saying:

"I also want to thank the President of the United States...and for all he has done on behalf of the American people."

Though few Republicans voted to call witnesses, multiple Republican lawmakers have acknowledged that the President's actions were wrong and corrupt, but not meritorious of impeachment.

Regardless, it's a huge dishonor for Trump, the third President of the United States to face an impeachment trial in the Senate.

That his defense counsel chose to thank him for his work in the face of mounting evidence that Trump solicited a foreign power to influence the 2020 election was repulsive to many.

Once the Senate acquits him, President Trump is expected to tout that he was "totally exonerated," despite the mountain of documents and bevy of witnesses he hid from the House of Representatives—a move later endorsed by the Republican Senate.