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Reporter Asks Trump What Lesson He Learned From His Impeachment, and His Response Is About as Trump as It Gets

Fox News Now

It's been one week since President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Republican-dominated Senate on both articles of impeachment against him.

All but one Republican—Senator Mitt Romney of Utah—voted to acquit the President.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) claimed that impeachment taught Trump a lesson and that removal from office was too extreme.

In the week since Trump was acquitted, he's fired two officials who complied with subpoenas to testify on their knowledge of his Ukraine policy, praised Attorney General William Barr for overriding career prosecutors to secure a weaker sentence against his convicted former advisor, and attacked the judge and prosecutors involved with that case on Twitter.

Democrats warned that Trump would only be emboldened by a Senate acquittal and it appears they were right: he hasn't learned a lesson.

But if that's too much conjecture for you, take his own word for it.

Watch below.

When asked what lessons he learned from impeachment, Trump returned to the talking points he's been spouting for years:

"That the Democrats are crooked. They've got a lot of crooked things going. That they're vicious. That they shouldn't have brought impeachment. That my poll numbers are ten points higher because of fake news like NBC, which reports the news very inaccurately, probably more inaccurately than CNN if that's possible. Uh, MSDNC...I think they're among the most dishonest reporters in the news."

The answer was only further confirmation that Trump learned all the wrong lessons.

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