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Twitter Pulls Viral Video of 'Doctors' Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Works and 'You Don't Need Masks' After Trump Retweet

Twitter Pulls Viral Video of 'Doctors' Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Works and 'You Don't Need Masks' After Trump Retweet
Alex Wong/Getty Images // Breitbart

President Donald Trump is once again spreading disinformation about the virus that's killed nearly 150 thousand Americans.

The information comes from a group claiming to consist of medical professionals calling themselves America's Frontline Doctors held a press conference promulgated by far-right media outlet Breitbart.

The doctors claimed that hydroxychloroquine—the anti-malarial drug Trump continues to swear is an effective treatment for the virus—was a viable form of treatment, and even a cure. Multiple studies have shown that the drug doesn't work in treatment of the virus, and often only worsens symptoms. The Food and Drug Administration revoked emergency use authorization for the drug last month.

Trump's insistence on legitimizing the drug's use against the virus is consistent with what those close to him have described as an "almost pathological unwillingness to admit error."

Trump shared a clip of the America's Frontline Doctors press conference which featured Dr. Stella Immanuel—who claims that ailments like cysts emerge from demonic sperm transmitted through "demon dream sex"—falsely assured that there is a cure for the virus.

In addition to claiming that there's a cure for the virus, Immanuel asserted that masks don't work. Trump routinely downplayed the effectiveness of masks, undermining guidelines put forth by his own CDC. Until recently, he refused to wear masks in public.

Immanuel generated ridicule on Twitter when she invoked God to strike down Facebook's servers in response to the removal of the video on the grounds of disinformation.

Trump is facing criticism for retweeting the video riddled with false information about a potentially deadly virus.

In recent weeks, some reporters have observed a "new tone" in Trump regarding his attitude toward the virus.

People felt that was flung out of the window with his constant promulgation of fake news.

The President's son, Donald Trump Jr., shared the video as well. His account has since been temporarily suspended.