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People Made Trump Instantly Regret His All Caps Tweet Commemorating Good Friday With a Religion Lesson for the Ages

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In the Christian tradition, Easter Sunday celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whom Christians believe died in order to atone for their sins. It's a day of gratitude and celebration. It's a happy occasion.

But while Easter Sunday is jovial, Good Friday—despite what its name might imply—is not.

Good Friday mourns Christ's crucifixion and the sins that made it necessary. It's a somber occasion, especially in the Catholic tradition.

Christians around the world commemorate the brutal execution by fasting, refraining from speaking, praying the rosary, and attending stations of the cross.

So a tweet from President Donald Trump wishing a "happy" Good Friday—complete with all caps and an explanation point—struck a sour note.

When he's not bragging about sexual assault, blatantly lying, or bullying people on Twitter, the President often touts his Christianity while speaking to evangelical Christians, who also happen to make up a large amount of his voting base.

Like many of his actions, the tweet struck numerous people as insensitive and contradictory to the values he claims to champion.

People pointed out that Good Friday does not, in fact, mean the same thing as TGIF.

Trump has previously said that, though he's Christian, he bristles at the idea of asking for forgiveness. He also referred to the Bible chapter, II Corinthians (second Corinthians), as "Two Corinthians," which is understandable because he can't name a Bible verse either, despite claiming it's his favorite book.

This was just the latest instance of Trump tipping his hand.

Jesus wept.

For a deeper look into the relationship between the evangelical community and leaders like Trump, check out The Immoral Majority, available here.