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The Trump Campaign Just Bought $38k in Ads to Air on Fox News in DC and People Think They Know Why

The Trump Campaign Just Bought $38k in Ads to Air on Fox News in DC and People Think They Know Why
Anna Moneymaker-Pool/Getty Images

With the November election only four months away, the strategic use of campaign funds has never been more important.

Though President Donald Trump's campaign boasts a massive war chest, some Republican voters have grown increasingly frustrated with both the campaign's and the Republican National Committee's extensive text messages and emails asking for donations.

This comes as Democratic nominee Joe Biden's campaign outraised Trump's for two months in a row, possibly signaling a growing enthusiasm for Biden's candidacy.

The Trump campaign recently disclosed that it bought 38 thousand dollars' worth of television ads on Fox News in the D.C. area.

D.C. has only three electoral college votes and is considered solid blue territory. It neighbors Maryland, which has voted blue in every election since 1992, and Virginia—a technical swing state where Biden leads by an average of 10 points.

The ad sales on Fox News seemed like a waste of money, until people began speculating that the campaign was willing to pay to keep Trump—an avid watcher of Fox—feeling secure.

It's not the first time the Trump campaign has done this either. Another $38 thousand ad buy on Fox in D.C. occurred for the last week in July.

The pettiness that characterizes Trump among his critics was simultaneously on full display.

Just before the news broke, Trump railed against claims that he didn't generate crowds at recent appearances in Florida and Texas.

That didn't exactly bolster his image.

Trump campaign officials told NBC News last week that ad buys in swing states had been canceled as the campaign reevaluates its messaging.