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Eric Trump Seeks Pandemic Relief Assistance for Trump Hotel Lease Payments, Asks Dad's Administration to 'Treat Us the Same'

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Since his election, President Donald Trump's countless business entanglements have made his administration ripe for corruption, and his efforts to profit off the presidency are nothing short of shameless.

Whether it's profiting off of his inauguration or trying to hold an international summit at one of his resorts, the President's businesses and his office—to him—are a match made in Heaven.

It looks like this arrangement will come in handy once again—this time with the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

The hotel is a hotbed for lawmakers, lobbyists, and other politicos—especially the Presidents' supporters or those looking to get closer to him—but like many businesses in the face of the current global pandemic, activity there has come to a standstill.

Though the Trump Organization manages the luxury hotel, it's located on the grounds of a federal building and pays its rent to the General Services Administration, making the federal government—and ultimately Donald Trump himself—its landlord.

This arrangement has become all the more relevant as the Trump organization asks to renegotiate the terms of its 60 year lease in the face of its business coming to a screeching halt.

Eric Trump—the President's son and an executive of the Trump Organization—confirmed the talks to the New York Times.

Eric Trump advised the General Services Agency on how to approach the request:

"Just treat us the same. Whatever that may be is fine."

Does anyone actually believe the President wouldn't retaliate if the request was denied?

Trump's entanglements have put yet another government agency in an impossible position: Deny the requests and deal a blow to the vindictive boss's business and children...or approve the request and appear as another cog in the machine of an increasingly corrupt administration.

The conflicts of interest are in plain sight.

The G.S.A. has yet to provide an answer, but the American people certainly have:

What a disaster.

For deeper insight into Trump's corruption, check out American Oligarchs, available here.