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Sure Looks Like Trump Just Tweeted a Quid Pro Quo to New York's Governor to End NY-Based Investigations Against Him

Mark Wilson/Getty Images // Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images

Another day, another impeachable offense.

President Donald Trump recently banned New York residents from Global Entry and Trusted Traveler programs in response to a new state law that allowed undocumented immigrants to obtain drivers' licenses.

Trump met on Thursday with New York governor Andrew Cuomo, a staunch critic of the President.

But ahead of the meeting, Trump sent a tweet that seemed to condition the restoration of global entry on New York dropping its lawsuits against him.

A number of investigations into Trump are currently ongoing in New York. A lawsuit in New York resulted in the dissolution of the Trump Organization. Several Trump officials and allies have been arrested in New York for crimes discovered by Robert Mueller's team.

New York's Attorney General Letitia James didn't hesitate to set Trump straight.

Trump's blatant extortion of the state of New York only further confirmed that his recent acquittal by the Republican Senate has emboldened Trump to participate in corruption right in the open.

People were also dismayed to see Trump revive the nickname "Fredo" for Cuomo's brother Chris—after the simp-like character in The Godfather. The CNN anchor erupted at a group of Trump supporters who used the name for him last year, thereby solidifying it as Trump's nickname for him.

What's more, the Trump administration has said that it needs access to New York's DMV database in order to properly vet New York residents participating in the Global Entry program. Because undocumented immigrants can obtain licenses in New York, concerns have arisen that Trump would use the DMV database to target and deport them.

Cuomo has said he's prepared to give Trump access to the database—but only for residents enrolled in Global Entry.

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