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Trump Reveals He Has No Idea How Vaccines Work in Disturbing Video from White House Coronavirus Meeting With Pharmaceutical Execs


Concerns have grown that President Donald Trump's administration isn't doing enough to curb the coronavirus cases currently affecting at least 14 states.

The President has repeatedly promised that a vaccine against the virus will be distributed is practically incoming, but his own officials cautioning that a vaccine would be at least a year.

That's not where the apparent cluelessness ends.

At a recent briefing on the virus, Trump appeared not to know how vaccines work.

Trump claimed that the vaccine would cure the virus as well as prevent it. That's when Dr. Leonard Schleifer of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals had to step in.

Watch below.

Trump promised of the virus:

"It's a good combination of a vaccine and also it will—put it in a different way—make you better quicker."

That's when Dr. Schleifer stepped in:

"Think of it this way: If you get immunized by one of these vaccines, you're going to make some antibodies to protect you. We're going to already make those antibodies and give them to you so you don't have to go through that whole process."

What seemed lost on Donald Trump was that a vaccine prevents a specific disease by boosting antibodies equipped to fight it, but they can't cure a disease that's already been contracted.

People didn't find the exchange comforting.

If you're disturbed by Trump's ineptitude and want a different person in office when the next pandemic rolls around, you can check your voter registration status here.