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Trump Posts Memo From 'Respected' GOP Pollster to Disprove New CNN Poll and People Are Pretty Sure Trump Wrote It

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump was none too pleased on Friday when a new poll from his least favorite news outlet, CNN, found his approval rate to be only 38 percent. If that wasn't enough, Democratic nominee Joe Biden's national lead over Trump widened to 14 points.

In response to CNN's findings, Trump took to Twitter in an attempt to discredit the network.

Trump must have felt like his objections alone were insufficient, because he soon tweeted that he'd employed the polling firm McLaughlin & Associates to refute the results.

Trump accompanied the tweet with a statement from McLaughlin & Associates, which read in part:

"The latest skewed media polls must be intentional. It's clear that NBC, ABC, and CNN who have Democrat operatives like Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos and other Democrats in their news operations are consistently under-polling Republicans and therefore, reporting biased polls...The bias seems to be an intentional strategy to suppress your vote. The latest media spin is that it's too late to define Joe Biden and it's too late for President Trump to win. We can hardly wait until they start spinning a 'Biden electoral lock'. It has to be a strategy to counter the enthusiasm of Trump voters."

Similarly to Trump, the email—written by John McLaughlin—insisted that the polling was deliberately inaccurate in an effort to weaken the enthusiasm of Trump supporters.

Some people thought that Trump had even written it himself.

The attempts to discredit the poll were falling flat as well.

How long til November?