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After CNN Poll Found Trump's Approval at 38%, People Chimed in With All the Things Those 38% Really Approve Of

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

President Donald Trump has long considered news outlet CNN to be among the most insidious of the so-called "fake news media." He's sparred with their reporters, revoked their press passes, and devoted hundreds of his tweets to maligning them.

But if he needed another reason to despise the network, new CNN polling showed Trump has an approval rating of only 38 percent.

The poll follows the trends of others that show Trump's approval rating dwindling in the wake of his widely criticized pandemic response and his treatment of those protesting the murder of George Floyd by police.

As you can imagine, Trump soon responded to the poll on Twitter.

As amazed as Trump was by his low approval rating, others were amazed that it was too high.

What must that 38% be like?

No one seems to believe the President's claim that the polls were rigged against him.

Trump later announced that he'd hired the firm McLaughlin Associates in order to refute the results of the poll.

CNN isn't the only poll that's spelled bad news for Trump. Even the President's beloved Fox News has repeatedly found that he has an uphill battle to win a second term. He responded with a Twitter rant that time as well.