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CNN Dragged for Analysis Declaring Trump the 'Clear Front-Runner for the 2024 Nomination'

CNN Dragged for Analysis Declaring Trump the 'Clear Front-Runner for the 2024 Nomination'

President Donald Trump still refuses to concede defeat in the 2020 election despite President-elect Joe Biden exceeding the 270 electoral vote threshold required to win the White House.

In addition to tweeting a near-constant stream of lies about widespread voting fraud tipping the election to Biden, the President and his campaign have filed numerous lawsuits across multiple states in all but futile hopes of overturning the results of the election.

Should these efforts fail—as they almost certainly will—the President has reportedly confided privately to colleagues that he's considering another run for the presidency in 2024.

While Trump's hold on Republican lawmakers and voters is undeniable, it's uncertain if a 2024 run would show the same momentum as his runs in 2016 and 2020.

But CNN analyst Chris Cillizza not only thinks that a Trump candidacy in 2024 is possible—he says that Trump is the Republican frontrunner for the party's next chance to take the White House.

In a piece titled Why Donald Trump is the clear front-runner for the 2024 nomination, Cillizza writes:

"[Trump] is the only face of the party, the result of a four-year campaign designed to eradicate all dissenting voices from within the GOP, while turning the remainders into willing supplicants. What that campaign has wrought is a devastated GOP landscape where Trump is effectively like the Eye of Sauron -- a totally dominant and terror-inducing presence for everyone it looks upon."

Trump would be one year shy of 80 on inauguration day of 2024, and with the mounting criminal investigations into his businesses and finances, some think he could be facing prison time by then.

People largely disagreed with Cillizza's take.

Some began dragging Cillizza for already presenting Trump as a credible candidate after the nation endured his presidency for four years.

It's uncertain for now who the candidate for either party will be in 2024, but it's clear that the 77 million people who voted for President-elect Biden wouldn't be amenable to a second Trump term.