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Chuck Woolery Just Claimed 'Most' Doctors Are Lying About the Virus, So of Course Trump Retweeted It

Chuck Woolery Just Claimed 'Most' Doctors Are Lying About the Virus, So of Course Trump Retweeted It
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Months after the first diagnosed case in the United States, cases of the virus have surpassed three million and over 130 thousand Americans are dead. The U.S. has broken its daily new case record numerous times in the last two weeks, with spikes occurring in multiple states.

As Americans across the country rely on updates and safety guidelines from experts, President Donald Trump is using his Twitter platform to foment skepticism of these experts to his 83 million followers.

The President retweeted Republican game show host Chuck Woolery's assertion that most doctors are lying about the threat posed by the virus.

In the tweet, Woolery also accuses Trump's own Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials of lying about the virus.

If Trump's apparent endorsement of the assertion weren't enough, the Trump administration's own actions reveal an effort to undermine the warnings of health experts, especially targeting National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci—one of the most trusted voices on the White House's virus response team.

The administration has taken numerous steps to discredit Fauci for his willingness to contradict claims from the President that "99 percent" of virus cases are totally harmless and that states should prioritize reopening their economies.

Trump recently said that Fauci had made "a lot of mistakes" and the White House gave CNN a list of Fauci's statements early in the outbreak that adapted as experts learned more about the virus.

According to the CNN report, Trump is irritated with the level at which Americans trust Fauci compared to him regarding information about the virus.

People are tired of the disinformation emerging from the White House.

People reminded the two that the entire world would have to be in on the conspiracy, not the United States.

Numerous other countries are well on their way to being done with the reopening process.