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Trump Tried to Fact-Check Chris Wallace Over Biden's Position on Police Funding and It Backfired Immediately

Fox News

President Donald Trump's campaign is working overtime to paint Democratic nominee Joe Biden as an unhinged extremist, attempting to apply the same criticisms the Trump campaign lobbed on Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) during the Democratic primaries .

Biden, Sanders, and other big names within the progressive arm of the Democratic party have worked together for a more united approach to issues like healthcare, climate change, and racial justice, but Trump's assertions that Biden is a radical aren't taking hold.

In a preview for an interview with Fox News's Chris Wallace, Trump falsely claimed that Biden wants to abolish the police.

When Wallace pointed out the falsehood, Trump insisted it was true and demanded his staff to bring him a copy of the plan.

Watch below.

As Wallace corrected him, Trump claimed:

"They want to defund the police and Biden wants to defund the police...He wants to abolish the police...It says 'abolish' and 'defund.'"

In an interview with colleague Bill Hemmer, Wallace described what happened next.

"So that led to a very interesting exchange where he had his staff go out and get the highlights from that hundred page compact that...the Biden team and the Sanders team had signed, and he went through it and he found a lot of things that he objected to that Biden has agreed to, but he couldn't find any indication—because there isn't any—that Biden has sought to defund and abolish the police."

The charter does agree to police reforms, but it doesn't by any means offer to abolish or even reduce funding for police.

People instantly began mocking Trump.

People commended Chris Wallace for not letting Trump's lie go unchecked.

The interview will air on Fox News Sunday.