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Even Fox News Is Slamming the Trump Campaign for Calling the Iowa Caucuses 'Rigged' After Delay in Reporting Results

Fox News // Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Democrats were frustrated on Tuesday night when the results of the long-awaited Iowa caucuses were stalled due to what the Iowa Democratic Party said was a coding error.

The results remain delayed until the state Democratic party can account for a number of inconsistencies reported through a new app it was using to count the results.

Though the issues were purely technical, allies of President Donald Trump are already drumming up conspiracy theories involving their oft-repeated claims that Democrats participate in widespread voter fraud.

The President's sons, campaign manager Brad Parscale, and campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany baselessly accused Democrats of rigging the Iowa caucuses.

It's unclear just how they believe the caucuses were rigged, and to whose advantage.

Chris Anderson, a pollster for Fox News, scoffed at the idea .

Watch below.

Anderson said:

"One thing that we can say with a whole lot of confidence is this was not rigged. Because if something is "rigged," it benefits the people that rigged it. And this is the absolute worst outcome... that is slightly more ridiculous than the outcome of the caucuses last night, which is a travesty. It wasn't rigged. There's just no way around that."

But the Trump campaign's trademark eagerness to sow disinformation served its purpose, with numerous supporters echoing the sentiments that the caucuses were rigged.

Some, however, sided with Anderson and called them out.

The misinformation gleefully spread by Trump's campaign gave some the opportunity to test Twitter's new feature allowing users to report misleading information about an election.

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