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Trump Campaign Gets Called Out for Posting Obviously Fake Audio of Joe Biden Seeming to Call the Virus 'a Hoax'

FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images // Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Trump campaign was roasted recently when it sent a cease and desist order to a PAC called Priority USA for using audio clips of Trump in an ad to highlight the numerous times he dismissed the virus that's caused a public health crisis in the United States.

Now, the campaign's attempt at revenge with a recent tweet may turn out to be ill advised.

The tweet in question features what appears to be two separate audio clips of former Vice President and likely Democratic nominee Joe Biden, spliced together and edited to sound like Biden called the virus a hoax

Watch below.

The campaign's goal was to test Twitter to see if it would flag the purported Biden audio as "manipulated media." Because Twitter didn't flag Priorities USA's video—which misleadingly implied that Trump said the virus itself was a hoax—as manipulated media, the Trump campaign would have continued to claim that social media sites are biased in favor of Liberals.

Twitter said it would not flag either video as manipulated media.

But Twitter users didn't need the manipulated media tag to know the clip itself was a hoax.

While the Trump campaign may maintain plausible deniability with its assurance that the audio isn't meant to be taken seriously, some of Trump's more ardent followers already believe it.

The Trump campaign's disinformation spreads almost as quickly as the virus to which the President has bungled his response.