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Trump Accidentally Tells the Truth, Says His Budget Proposal Contains 'Tremendous Waste and Tremendous Fraud'


President Donald Trump announced his budget request for 2021 on Monday, and people—especially Democrats—weren't exactly excited for it.

Democratic lawmakers heavily criticized the new cuts, especially drastic slashes to Medicaid, Medicare, and social security funds by billions of dollars—a reversal of Trump's previous promises not to touch them. The budget also cuts programs for food, housing, and other public good programs.

The budget also increases defense spending, as well as funds for the President's long-sought wall at the southern border.

In a speech to governors on Monday morning, Trump actually told the truth about his budget—however accidentally.

Watch below.

Trump said:

"We're doing a lot of things that are good including waste and fraud. Tremendous waste and tremendous fraud."

Trump likely meant the budget targets waste and fraud (though it's unclear how), but his slip of the tongue is proving to be more correct.

The Pentagon asked for around $705 billion—$13 billion less than the current fiscal year. Nevertheless, Trump's budget allocates $745 billion for defense, despite the United States having more money for defense than the next 26 countries combined (25 of those countries are our allies).

Meanwhile, student loan relief programs and other efforts designed to help Americans are taking a hit.

People agreed with Trump about the waste and fraud.

Democrats in the House of Representatives are expected to reject this iteration of the 2021 budget.

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