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Washington Post Has Been Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises and, Yep, He's Broken Way More Than He's Kept

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

"Promises made, promises kept" is one of President Donald Trump's most repeated campaign slogans, but according to the Washington Post, those might just be empty words.

In 2016, the Post launched the Trump Promise Tracker, which kept a record of the 280+ promises Trump made during the campaign. As the end of his first term draws nearer and nearer, the Post has been updating the tracker of which promises Trump has kept since his election.

Despite Trump's slogan, he's kept about 43 percent of his top 60 promises, keeping about 35 percent and compromising on 12 percent.

These top 60 promises were drawn from an earlier Trump campaign document titled Contract with the American Voter, which laid out goals and timelines—and which Trump signed.

Even among the 35 percent of promises Trump has kept, not all are something to brag about. These include the mass deportation of nonviolent undocumented immigrants, slashing environmental regulations for corporations, and appointing Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

So which promises did Trump break?

He hasn't grown the economy by four percent a year, Mexico isn't paying for the wall at the southern border, Obamacare is fortunately still the law of the land, federal funding to sanctuary cities hasn't been cancelled, and foreign lobbyists are still raising money for U.S. elections.

The Post's piece made waves on Twitter.

Hopefully Trump won't be given another four years to try again.