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Fox News Analyst Gets Slammed After He Questions Why Donald Trump Tweeted About His Ratings Amidst Global Health Crisis

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images // Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage

Even in the face of a global pandemic, President Donald Trump hasn't dispensed with his typical pettiness.

The President made that perfectly clear on Sunday afternoon, as deaths caused by the national health crisis continued to increase.

In a multi-tweet thread, the President boasted that the ratings for his press briefings regarding the virus were getting higher ratings than other popular television shows, citing a New York Times article.

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The day after this tweet from Trump, deaths from the virus surpassed 2,400.

The President also left out a crucial point from the New York Times piece: that networks are debating whether or not to continue airing them live due to a flow of information that can't be fact-checked in real time.

Even Fox News analyst Brit Hume, who recently praised Trump's now-abandoned suggestion to reopen the country by Easter, was flummoxed by the tweets.

Hume, however, isn't blameless.

He and his network played an integral role not only in Trump's election, but in the legitimization of the thousands of falsehoods he's told since his inauguration.

They weren't about to let Hume off the hook.

Does Brit think this behavior is new?

The answer to Hume's question is actually pretty simple.

Maybe—just maybe—the ratings for Trump's pressers are so high because Americans are looking for leadership in the throes of a national crisis.

We're still waiting for it.