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MSNBC and CNN Cut Away From Press Briefing After Trump Aired a Bonkers Campaign Style Video Defending His Pandemic Response

MSNBC and CNN Cut Away From Press Briefing After Trump Aired a Bonkers Campaign Style Video Defending His Pandemic Response
MSNBC // Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's daily press briefings regarding the global pandemic—which is responsible for the deaths of over 20,000 Americans—have been widely criticized for the constant stream of misinformation and petty insults from the podium.

In a Monday press briefing, the President took that pettiness to a new level when he began the briefing with a campaign-style video aimed at debunking critics of his response to the national health crisis, in particular the scathing piece published by The New York Times over the weekend documenting the numerous failures of Trump's response.

Watch the bizarre video below.

The video turned a briefing that was supposed to inform the public turned into what can only be described as a meltdown from President Donald Trump.

One reporter asked if the White House—and therefore American tax dollars—paid for the video, which Trump said it did.

Because the video offered no new information on the state of the pandemic and only served to boost the President's ego, numerous media outlets cut away from the ad.

MSNBC was one of those networks, and host Ari Melber explained why.

Watch below.

Melber said:

"We are cutting into what was not a White House [virus] task force briefing...We are going to avoid airing any more of this White House briefing until it returns to what it was supposed to be which was the [virus] task force providing medical information. What we just saw—I want to be very clear with viewers—was a video the White House put out which suggests they are spending their precious time right now making videos that defend the president's record and tenure rather than provide the much needed emergency medical information that was promised at these daily briefings."

CNN cut away from the ad as well.

The network didn't hold back in their Chyrons describing the meltdown, however.

Reporters in the briefing room challenged the President in real time.

Others pointed out the misinformation in the ad—including some of the very people who were featured in it.

The briefing presented a low point in an already embarrassing tenure as President.

People found the video especially disturbing.

This is why you need to register to vote.

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