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Fox News Guest Uses Trump's Own Impeachment Argument Against Him to Eviscerate Claim That Obama Committed a Crime

Fox News Guest Uses Trump's Own Impeachment Argument Against Him to Eviscerate Claim That Obama Committed a Crime
Fox News // BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

President Donald Trump was irate on Sunday when a call from former President Barack Obama and 3,000 members of the Obama Alumni Association leaked.

In the call, President Obama referred to the Trump administration's response to the virus that's killed 80 thousand Americans and upended daily life in the United States as a "chaotic disaster."

In a remarkable display of consistency, Trump took his anger to Twitter, tweeting or retweeting a near-single day record of 126 times, accusing Obama of a crime he called "Obamagate."

But for all Trump's tweeting about it, there was still confusion about just what Obama did that was a crime. It appeared that Trump was accusing Obama of improperly ordering an investigation into convicted felon and former Trump advisor Michael Flynn, against whom Trump's Justice Department dropped its charges last week, despite Flynn's guilty pleas.

But when a White House Correspondent asked Trump directly what crime Obama committed, Trump couldn't name a specific one. He simply said that everyone knew what the crime was and that it was really bad.

Enter Fox News, one of the President's favorite networks, which quickly began giving air time to the accusation. But one guest—national security lawyer Bradley Moss—wasn't having it.

Watch below.

When asked by Fox host Shannon Bream what his thoughts were on recent files and transcripts regarding the Flynn case recently unsealed by the FBI, Moss responded:

"I'm sitting here trying to figure out what exact Constitutional deprivation was there? What is the crime that people think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be prosecuted under?"

He proceeded to use Trump's own justifications against him:

"To be clear, and this is using the words of President Trump and his lawyers over the last three years, any sitting president can get any classified information they want. According to Donald Trump they can launch any investigation they want, they can tell the FBI only to pursue particular individuals, This is not me saying it, this is Donald Trump saying it for three years. This was their argument during the Mueller probe. This was their argument during the impeachment investigation, that the President has this kind of authority,"

He concluded:

"So what did we find out? That Barack Obama was aware about intelligence intercepts on the Russian Ambassador when he was talking with General Flynn? That there had just been an attack on our election a couple months earlier, that we were still dealing with the fallout of Russian election interference in 2016? There was concern about a counterintelligence problem with Michael Flynn and they had a discussion?"

Bream abruptly cut Moss off.

Moss is right that Trump doesn't have any room to call for Obama's arrest for a so-called improper investigation. Trump was impeached for his own extortion of the Ukrainian President, in which Trump delayed military aid to demand an investigation into his likely 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Trump falsely claimed that Article II of the Constitution allowed him to do whatever he wanted, demanding any investigation through any means.

People were so here for Moss's fact checking.

People are taking Trump's "Obamagate" accusations about as seriously as Moss is.

Good luck with that, Donald.

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