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Reporter Perfectly Shames Trump With Simple Factcheck After Trump Claims 'We Need the Wall More Than Ever'

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's administration continues to dismiss the threat of COVID-19, the latest strand of coronavirus currently spreading throughout the globe.

Instead of addressing the shortage of test kits to diagnose the virus or heeding the advice of experts, the President is using the virus to advocate for his quixotic pursuit of a wall at the southern border.

In a retweet of Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, Trump echoed sentiments that "we need the wall more than ever" to curb coronavirus.

But a terse fact check from NBC anchor Carl Quintanilla put a pin in Trump's claims.

Quintanilla rightly pointed out that the United States has over 100 times the diagnosed cases of coronavirus than Mexico, so it's unclear how a wall would be effective—unless its purpose would be to keep the virus out of Mexico.

Quintanilla was far from the only one to point out the absurdity of Trump's claim.

People also rolled their eyes at the retweet, which idiotically described COVID-19 as "China Virus."

The Trump administration continues to use the virus to bolster its greater anti-immigrant platform.

Trump held a closed-door meeting with Senate Republicans regarding the coronavirus response on Tuesday afternoon. No Democrats were invited to attend, because apparently viruses are partisan.

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