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Trump Campaign Roasted for Horribly Photoshopped Pic of Washington Monument 'Demolition' Under Biden

Trump Campaign Roasted for Horribly Photoshopped Pic of Washington Monument 'Demolition' Under Biden
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images // Xinhua/Liu Jie via Getty Images

President Donald Trump and his allies have frequently used hyperbolic scare tactics to drum up fear of what the United States would look like under the presidency of Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Trump vowed that a Biden presidency would "hurt God," lead to unmitigated violence in the streets, and prolong the pandemic that's killed nearly 250 thousand Americans.

As recently as Monday, the President said Biden would turn America into a "prison state—locking you into your home while letting far-left rioters run free" if granted the keys to the White House.

Undeterred by polling signs that show these tactics aren't changing the electoral landscape of 2020, the Trump campaign's Twitter accounts suggested that Biden would tear down the Washington Monument if elected.

They used a badly Photoshopped picture to get their point across.

The picture shows a half-standing Washington Monument surrounded by cranes, with a CNN headline reading "DEMOLITION OF WASHINGTON MONUMENT UNDERWAY."

At no point has Joe Biden suggested that he would advocate for the demolition of the Washington Monument, which has stood for over a century.

In an attempt to justify the bogus claim, Trump's campaign included an article that reported on the findings of a task force initiated by DC's Democratic mayor Muriel Bowser. The task force found that 70 percent of monuments in DC were named for white men, with the Washington Monument among them. Neither Bowser nor the report called for the monument to be demolished.

The hysterical tweet was met with widespread mockery for its sloppy use of Photoshop.

The Photoshop wasn't the only aspect of the tweet they derided.

The presidential election is on November 3rd.