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Trump Is Getting Roasted for His Hypocritical Explanation for Why Biden Is 'Gonna Be Your President'

Trump Is Getting Roasted for His Hypocritical Explanation for Why Biden Is 'Gonna Be Your President'
Fox News

On Thursday night, Fox News aired a town hall featuring President Donald Trump and host Sean Hannity, a devout supporter of his, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Trump reiterated many of his standard talking points, decrying the Russia investigation as a hoax, claiming the call with the Ukrainian President that led to his impeachment was "perfect," and crediting himself with the greatest economy in history before the pandemic outbreak in the United States.

The town hall aired hours after Fox News released a poll that found Trump trailing Democratic nominee Joe Biden in reliably red states—a continuation of Trump's plummeting poll numbers in the wake of his pandemic response and his reaction to widespread protests against systemic racism in the United States.

In one moment of the town hall, Trump seemed to acknowledge his currently bleak odds of reelection.

Watch below.

Discussing Biden, Trump said:

"Here's a guy, doesn't talk, nobody hears him. Whenever he does talk, he can't put two sentences together. I don't wanna be nice or un-nice. I mean, the man can't speak and he's gonna be your president cause some people don't love me maybe, and all I'm doing is doing my job."

Trump decried Biden for supposedly not being able to speak, but many thought Trump's speaking abilities are even more questionable than Biden's—which he proceeded to demonstrate while hypocritically claiming that it's Biden who has the problem speaking.

Reactions to Trump's statement echoed the sentiments of a video created by The Daily Show, which puts Trump's own gaffes beside Trump supporters' thoughts on Biden's mental capacity.

People also didn't fail to notice that Trump seemed to admit Biden would be President.

While odds look good for Democrats now, they'll still need a robust nationwide turnout to make Trump a one-term President.