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Trump Just Admitted How He Really Feels About the Rising Virus Death Toll—and Now He Has a New Campaign Slogan

HBO/YouTube // HBO/YouTube

After a steady rollout of preview clips, President Donald Trump's interview with Jonathan Swan for Axios on HBO has been released and it's already gone viral.

People are hailing the interview for two primary reasons: Swan's willingness to push back against misrepresentations or outright lies from the President, and for the cinematography, which is more like a single-camera comedy series than a White House interview.

Another standout moment is an off-the-cuff statement made by Trump regarding the 150+ thousand deaths from the virus that's upended daily life in the United States.

The moment came as Swan challenged the misleading claim that the United States is in better shape than most of the world regarding the death rate.

Swan asked how Trump could say the virus is under control when a thousand Americans are dying of it each day.

Trump responded:

"They are dying. It's true. It is what it is, but that doesn't mean we aren't doing everything we can. It's under control as much as you can control it."

Trump's claim that "it is what it is" struck a sour chord online.

Some thought the dismissal would make a fitting campaign slogan for the President's reelection.

The hashtag #ItIsWhatItIs soon began trending on Twitter.

You can watch the full interview between Trump and Swan here.