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Trump Is Getting Slammed for Tweeting About His Approval Rating as Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

As COVID-19 confirmed cases in the United States rose to nearly 6,000, with over 100 deaths, President Donald Trump spent his morning touting his approval rating and attacking the press.

In just a few tweets, the President dashed the hopes that his words and actions would rise to a level that met the leadership and moral clarity Americans look to in a President at times of crisis like these.

Trump claimed that his approval rating among Republicans was 95 percent.

Trump boasted that his approval rating was 53% among all Americans, citing a Rasmussen poll which has been known to skew in Trump's favor.

He proceeded to whine about legitimate oversight concerns that he's deemed "Deep State" efforts to undermine his presidency. To top it off, he used another childish nickname to describe his likely 2020 opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

People didn't hesitate to call attention to his pettiness.

That he'd cite the Daily Caller as a legitimate source was laughable.

The President has done nothing to change his erratic behavior on Twitter. He tweeted or retweeted more than 50 times on Tuesday. Today, he continued calling COVID-19 the "Chinese Virus," in addition to the frivolous boasting about his supposed poll numbers.

Do you feel safe with him at the helm?