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Trump Campaign Sends Absentee Ballot Request Forms With Trump's Face on Them to Registered Republicans in North Carolina

Alex Wong/Getty Images // @cnnpolitics/Twitter

Throughout 2020, President Donald trump has frequently decried voting by mail, just as the 2020 election this November is expected to see an unprecedented amount mail-in votes.

Trump and his allies falsely claimed that there is widespread opportunity for voter fraud, and that other countries have the ability to copy and send American ballots. Now, Trump's postmaster general and top Trump campaign donor—Louis DeJoy—is accused of using his post to undermine the day-to-day operation of the postal service, sowing mistrust in the election's results and potentially suppressing untold numbers of votes.

Trump draws a false distinction between absentee voting and mail-in voting, asserting that absentee voting is permissible because an excuse is provided for not being at the ballot box in person. This does not add extra security to the request or the ballot being mailed, nor is there a different security procedure for ballots without an absence excuse.

Trump, however, advocates voting by mail in certain states, such as Florida, where Republican absentee voters typically outnumber those of Democrats.

Now, some North Carolina residents have received an absentee ballot request form—accompanied by a photo of Trump's face.

The mailer was distributed by the North Carolina Republican party, and features text that reads:

"Are you going to let the Democrats silence you? Act now to stand with President Trump."

Like a similar mailer distributed by Florida's GOP, the graphic includes a tweet from Trump promoting absentee ballot voting, while blurring out the tweet's next sentence excoriating voting by mail.

People were stunned to see the bizarre mailer.

Some feel the Republican party waded into legally dubious territory.

The setbacks at the postal service have led to delays in everything from prescriptions to paychecks. Political leaders are encouraging all Americans to vote as early as possible in the general election.