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Trump Spokesman Claimed Trump 'Is the Most Masculine President' and Don Lemon Had the Perfect Response

Trump Spokesman Claimed Trump 'Is the Most Masculine President' and Don Lemon Had the Perfect Response
CNN // Fox News

Outgoing President Donald Trump has kept a relatively low profile since his supporters stormed the United States Capitol, fueled by his lies that widespread voter fraud orchestrated by Democrats delivered President-elect Joe Biden a false victory in the 2020 presidential race.

The siege on the Capitol left windows shattered, offices ransacked, security compromised, and at least five people dead. It was the most gruesome culmination of a months-long campaign carried out by Trump on social media to instill doubt in his supporters on the integrity of the U.S. election.

As a result of the siege, Trump has been indefinitely banned from Facebook and his favorite outlet, Twitter, for fear that he would continue to incite more violence.

Republicans are pointing to Trump's bans as the latest instance of "big tech" overreach. Soon, Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley took to Fox News where he decried the ban on the President's social media.

Somewhere along the way, Gidley's defense went off the rails.

Watch below.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Gidley if Trump feels "emasculated" by the social media removal, to which Gidley responded:

"Look, I wouldn't say emasculated. I mean, the most masculine person ever, I think, to hold the White House is the President of the United States."

People were confused as to why Trump's masculinity—or lack thereof—was relevant to the conversation.

But CNN anchor Don Lemon delivered one of the most biting critiques of all.

After telling Gidley to "shut up," Lemon said:

"He is the biggest snowflake of them all. The biggest one. 'I don't want to hear about your feelings. Give me facts, they're not feelings.' Why are you coddling his feelings all the time? Why are you coddling all these people's feelings—'We need to understand how they feel, give them time to accept the election. Really? Who's the snowflake now?"

Lemon pointed to Capitol rioter Jake Chansley, also known as Jake Angeli, who was arrested shortly after the riots and complained that he couldn't eat in prison because he wasn't being served organic food.

Lemon continued:

"The President's legacy will be not the most masculine President, but the biggest loser we have ever had as President. Maybe that should've been the name of the show instead of The Apprentice: The Biggest Loser."

People shared Lemon's outrage.

The President has eight days in office, but he's expected to be impeached a second time by the House of Representatives for inciting an insurrection.