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Don Jr. Shared Another Bizarre Meme of His Dad on Instagram to Own the Libs--This Time Trump Has a Man Bun

Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

President Donald Trump's eldest son—Donald Trump Jr.—is about as nuanced on social media as his father.

While the President's outlet of choice is Twitter, Don Jr. often uses Instagram to post memes and other pictures designed to troll liberals and anyone else who isn't unquestionably loyal to his father.

Thursday was no different.

Junior posted an awkward meme of the President with a man bun, with the meme's text reading, "There, now Liberals will love him."

Junior captioned the picture:

"Secret Trump Campaign tactics to win over leftists leaked. Hahahah seems legit!!!🤣"

The man bun became a popular men's hairstyle in 2015, much to the mockery of Conservatives, many of whom considered the style too feminine.

In 2018, a protestor with a man bun interrupted one of the President's campaign rallies when Trump responded:

"Was he a man or a woman, because he needs a haircut more than I do ... couldn't tell, couldn't tell."

The meme wasn't a hit outside of Junior's circle of supporters.

Junior most recently made waves on Instagram with a photo of him flying coach for an hour long flight, insisting to his followers that he wasn't an elitist.


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