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Don Jr. Got a Hilarious Reminder After He Tried Tweeting 'Happy Birthday' to His Father

Don Jr. Got a Hilarious Reminder After He Tried Tweeting 'Happy Birthday' to His Father
Mark Reinstein/Corbis via Getty Images

On June 14, former President Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday. His Republican allies leapt to send him happy birthday messages across social media.

Among these was Trump's eldest son, Don Jr.

Trump Jr. issued a straightforward "Happy birthday, President Trump" message, coupled with a picture of Trump embracing an American flag.

But Don Jr. was given a painful reminder.

After former President Trump's lies about the validity of the 2020 election prompted a mob of pro-Trump extremists to storm the United States Capitol, Trump was unrepentant, and continued to post his election conspiracy theories.

Within days after the deadly failed insurrection, Trump was permanently booted from Twitter for his potential to incite violence.

The former President frequently used the social media outlet to broadcast petty insults and deranged fantasies to his 80+ million followers. The near-incoherent diatribes became a defining aspect of Trump's campaigns and presidency.

In addition to the permanent ban from Twitter, Trump also faces an indefinite suspension from Facebook, which will last until at least 2023.

People didn't hesitate to remind Don Jr. that his father wouldn't be able to see the birthday message.

Some also wondered why Trump Jr. didn't refer to him as "dad."

Trump celebrated his birthday with conservative boxer Herschel Walker and Republican lawmakers like Congresswomen Lauren Boebert of Colorado and Debbie Lesko of Arizona.