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Don Jr. Brutally Roasted After Posting Tone Deaf 'Freedom Is Losing Ground to Tyranny' Tweet

Don Jr. Brutally Roasted After Posting Tone Deaf 'Freedom Is Losing Ground to Tyranny' Tweet
Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

President-elect Joe Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, earning an expected 306 electoral votes—well over the 270 minimum required to take the White House. Biden's 81+ million votes also dwarf Trump's popular vote share by nearly seven million ballots.

Despite Biden's decisive win, Trump and his allies continue in their refusal to accept reality. Instead of conceding, the President fires off nonsensical streams of lie-ridden tweets about widespread voter fraud while calling leaders of swing state legislatures to pressure them into somehow overturning their state's results.

Meanwhile, his legal team files meritless lawsuits across a number of swing states (losing 48 of 49 so far) and holds mock hearings where witnesses—many of whom are unfamiliar with the ballot counting process and with a presumption of criminality—spew disinformation.

The peaceful transition of power—even between Presidents of different parties—has long been considered a sacred process, imperative for the continuation of American governance as we know it. Nevertheless, Trump—with the backing of the Republican party—is working tirelessly to prevent this transition.

So, naturally, the President's eldest son—Donald Trump Jr.—is accusing Democrats of tyranny.

In a bizarre tweet, Trump Jr. claimed that his father's inability to subvert the people's vote indicated freedom "losing ground to tyranny."

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud, especially not enough to tip the election. This has been confirmed by Trump's own officials numerous times. In 2018, a Trump-assembled commission on voter fraud disbanded because there was none. In regards to the 2020 election, Trump's loyal Attorney General William Barr admitted the Justice Department couldn't find any evidence of voter fraud that could've tipped the election. Trump's national election security officials assured that the 2020 election was the most secure election in American history.

Trump Jr., like his father, continues to deny the legitimacy of Biden's win, radicalizing his supporters in the process.

Trump's actions are tyrannical, and Trump Jr.'s tweet was a self-own.

But while critics scoff at the ridiculousness of the Trump sphere's rhetoric, it's working on its intended audience: Trump's supporters.

In a climax to a years-long disinformation campaign marked by over 20 thousand lies and a systematic upheaval to accountability, an unignorable faction of Trump's supporters falsely believe that the 2020 election is illegitimate and that Democrats worked with election software companies to override the will of the people.

That's why some took Trump Jr.'s tweet as a call to arms.

Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th.