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Don Jr. Is Getting Dragged After Claiming 'I Am Not an Elitist' in Instagram Selfie With Trump Fan in Coach

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Donald Trump's eldest son—Donald Trump Jr.—raised eyebrows with a claim that he's not an elitist.

Junior, who oversees his father's business dealings while also campaigning for him, boasted on Instagram that he likes "fishing, hunting, red meat, trucks and guns."

He touted in the same post that he tries to fly coach as often as he can.

Check out the photo below.

The flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix is approximately one hour and 15 minutes.

Dennis Harms, who originally posted the photo, laughed at the idea of any of the Democratic candidates flying coach.

The problem? Many of them have done just that, including Senators Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

While most of Junior's Instagram followers believed that he was a man of the people, Twitter was quicker to call him out on the misleading post.

As the son of an alleged billionaire does enjoy hunting large game, and occasionally obtains special hard-to-get hunting permits, possibly by leveraging his father's position. The Republican National Committee also used funds to buy nearly $100,000 worth of copies of Junior's book to boost its sales.

Perhaps flying in coach was just one of the "sacrifices" his family had to make.