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Don Jr.'s CPAC Speech Got Super Awkward When He Insulted Texas in a Room Full of Texans

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Conservatives across America flocked to Dallas, Texas this past weekend to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where heavy-hitters within the Republican party—including former President Donald Trump—addressed the crowd.

Nothing was missing from the litany of Republican objections to reality. Lies about everything from the 2020 election to the strawman of cancel culture were constantly spewed to applause.

Among the headliners was Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., whose off-the-cuff ramblings led to an awkward moment as he addressed the Texas crowd.

Watch below.

Trump Jr. said:

"Texas has always led the charge. Well, til about like a couple of months ago, then Austin sort of took over. Like, I don't know, guys. Texas was leading the charge. You're still top 25, but we gotta work on that stuff, cause those people have lost their minds! Right?"

He was likely referring to Democrats in the state's legislature, who have left the Capitol—and now the state—in order to deny its congressional Republicans a quorum, thereby blocking voter suppression and anti-trans bills the GOP there has put forth.

But the crowd's response was muted, to say the least. Absent scattered chuckles and some unintelligible heckling about California, Trump Jr.'s wisecrack fell flat.

People noticed.

Jokes came rolling in.