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Don Jr.'s Latest Tone Deaf Tweet About Hunter Biden Is Getting Roasted for Its Blatant Hypocrisy

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

With the Super Tuesday primaries reviving the Presidential campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, it wasn't going to be long before President Donald Trump and his allies would once again suddenly feign concern over the business dealings of Biden's son.

In case you don't remember, the President was impeached for using military aid to pressure Ukraine's President to announce investigations into the Bidens. When that impeachment occurred, Trump and his defense team did all they could to divert attention back to the former Vice President.

And now the President's eldest son, Don Jr., is at it again.

Junior shared an article from far-right media outlet The Daily Caller, which claimed that Hunter Biden touted political connections while pitching himself to teach a drug policy course at the UCLA law school.

Hunter Biden's father was long done with his duties as Vice President by then, and his son does undoubtedly have political connections—ones that come with a lifetime in the political arena.

Exploiting one's political connections would be like if one oversaw their father's business after their father became President, then used the presidency to generate profits for said businesses.

Y'know. Like Junior does.

People were astounded at the hypocrisy.

Junior has used his father's influence for everything from boosting book sales to obtaining hunting permits.

And if we don't do something, he'll be doing it for another four years.