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Devin Nunes Accused a Reporter of 'Stalking' Him for Asking Questions and It Completely Backfired

Devin Nunes Accused a Reporter of 'Stalking' Him for Asking Questions and It Completely Backfired
The Intercept

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), as Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee overseeing impeachment, was one of the most vocal critics of the public impeachment hearings overseen by the committee last month.

It turns out Nunes may not have been doing so completely out of party loyalty, but because he was in contact with Ukrainian-born Giuliani associates in an effort to pressure Ukrainian leaders to investigate President Donald Trump's political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.

A 300 page report released by the House Intelligence Committee on its findings. Though the public learned most of the information in the report from the hearings as they happened, one of the revelations in it was that Nunes was in calls with now-indicted Lev Parnas, with one call lasting as long as eight and a half minutes.

Nunes's expanded involvement presents a huge conflict of interest, considering the congressman's role in the impeachment proceedings for wrongdoings he may well have facilitated.

As a result, reporters won't stop asking for clarification on the calls. Nunes previously said that he believed it was Parnas's wife who called, after claiming not to remember speaking to Parnas.

Intercept reporter Lee Fang still wanted to know more.

Watch below.

Fang asked Nunes at a fundraiser what his calls with Parnas were about, specifically if he was asking for investigations into former Vice President Biden's son, Hunter.

Nunes responded by waving an iPhone in Fang's face as Fang continued to peacefully ask the question.

Nunes—who is currently suing a fake cow—put Fang's picture on Twitter and accused him of stalking.

Fang tweeted in his defense after Nunes posted his picture.

People overwhelmingly sided with Fang.

Not a good look, Devin.