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CNN Fact-Checker Savagely Breaks Down Trump's Election Logic After Trump Touts Alaska Win

CNN Fact-Checker Savagely Breaks Down Trump's Election Logic After Trump Touts Alaska Win
CNN; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As the last few states finish their counts in the 2020 election, President Donald Trump has issued several messages about the process, mostly lying that widespread voter fraud tipped the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

The Trump campaign has filed numerous lawsuits across multiple states, falsely claiming widespread voter fraud in Biden's favor.

Trump and his allies have also frequently reminded Americans that the "media doesn't decide elections," alleging that media outlets called the race too early for Biden and reminding them that not all the votes have been counted—even though Biden's victory is a mathematical certainty.

The President, however had a different reaction when the Associated Press—one of the first prominent outlets to call an overall victory for Biden—announced that Trump had won the state of Alaska and its three electoral votes.

In response, Trump took the victory as fact before proceeding to tell even more lies about the integrity of U.S. elections.

Trump tweeted:

"It took long enough! What is taking North Carolina so long?"
"Are they looking for more ballots to fix that one also? Now with a recount, we will win Georgia also."
"Pennsylvania & Michigan wouldn't let our Poll Watchers & Observers into counting rooms. Illegal!"

CNN's fact checker, Daniel Dale, used the moment to map out the President's logic when responding to election calls, writing:

"Trying to keep the Trump arguments straight:"
"When news outlets call states for Trump, that means he won. When news outlets call states for Biden, that is meaningless."
"When Trump gains ground in a state as counting continues, that's good. When Biden gains ground, that's fraud."

Dale was not alone in his assessment.

Many had a message for the President.

As of Thursday morning, President-elect Biden has garnered 290 electoral votes, 20 over the 270 needed to win. Trump has garnered just 217, giving Biden an insurmountable lead.

In the popular vote, Biden earned 77,241,903 to Trump's 72,095,793, a lead of 5,146,110 votes.