READ: In 2015 Michael Cohen Tweeted ‘Hillary Clinton When You Go to Prison…Your Room and Board Will Be Free!’


President Donald Trump’s embattled former attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen reached a plea deal this afternoon with federal prosecutors of the Southern District of New York.

Cohen had been under investigation for bank and tax fraud amounting to over 20 million dollars and, additionally, for his efforts to buy the silence of women who reportedly had affairs with Mr. Trump.

Cohen surrendered to the FBI this afternoon before a court proceeding in which he pled guilty to five counts of tax fraud and one count of falsifying statements to a financial institution, as well as two counts of campaign finance violations. Cohen admitted in court to making the hush payments at Trump’s instruction.

The terms of the plea reportedly have Cohen serving three to five years in federal prison. His sentencing is scheduled for December 12.

According to sources, the plea deal does not mandate cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the possibility of collusion between Russian officials and Trump’s presidential campaign, however the man who once said he’d take a bullet for the president later pledged to put his family and country–not the president–first. Cohen will still be permitted to voluntarily assist the Special Counsel and Robert Mueller could recommend a reduction in his sentence.

The news of Cohen’s likely prison sentence has resurrected a tweet of his from 2015:

To which users are reacting with glee:

The agreement indicates a huge development in the Special Counsel’s investigation and brings to fruition efforts that made some of the biggest headlines of the year.

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