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Bonkers 7 Point Plan to Re-Install Trump as President 'in Days Not Years' Makes the Rounds at CPAC

Bonkers 7 Point Plan to Re-Install Trump as President 'in Days Not Years' Makes the Rounds at CPAC
ANDY JACOBSOHN/AFP via Getty Images // @AndrewSolender/Twitter

This past weekend, conservatives descended upon Dallas, Texas for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), one of the largest conservative gatherings in the country.

The weekend saw speeches from some of the most infamous personalities in the Republican party, like Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Donald Trump Jr., and former President Donald Trump himself.

Given the right's embrace of conspiracy theories regarding everything from the 2020 election to vaccine safety, it's no surprise the conference was a hot bed for deranged fantasies, including the belief that Trump could somehow be reinstated as President before 2025..

A pamphlet making the rounds at the conference details a seven point plan to put Trump back in the White House in "Days not Years,."

Read the diatribe below.

The card's first step is to "[p]ull back the curtain on the horror show that is today's 'Democrat Party'."

It continues:

"Watch [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. See the Black Caucus and other key groups flip, unexpectedly, and watch the tables turn."

Echoing tenets of the QAnon conspiracy theory—which hinges on the belief that a cabal of satanic pedophiles secretly controls the U.S. government—the website link provided on the card is even more deranged, claiming that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy Jr., and a white virgin named Mary were murdered by Democrats as part of satanic rituals.

It even suggests that President Joe Biden might be the antichrist.

People were astonished at the unhinged diatribe.

To say the plan is far-fetched is an understatement.

The delusional rant was mocked across the internet.

Trump continues to peddle the lie that the 2020 election was "stolen" from him, allowing conspiracy theories like this to flourish.