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Former Trump Lawyer Reworks Famous 'Seinfeld' Line To Slam Trump–And Yeah, We Get It

Former Trump Lawyer Reworks Famous 'Seinfeld' Line To Slam Trump–And Yeah, We Get It
Jerry Cleveland/The Denver Post via Getty Images; Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

From July 31, 2017 to May 2, 2018, former Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Ty Cobb was called on by former Republican President Donald Trump to lead the White House's internal response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

So Cobb is well acquainted with Trump and how he operated in the Oval Office.

But that doesn't mean he's a fan.

On Thursday, NBC News asked Cobb to comment on a Trump 2024 presidential campaign.

Cobb pulled no punches in his response.

Cobb stated:

"One thing the Democrats know for certain is that Trump’s uncontrolled ego is his own worst enemy. They are praying they are able to goad him into an announcement for a 2024 presidential run."
"A 2024 declaration of his candidacy serves no interest but his self-defeating and overwhelming need for relevance, attention and money. Such an announcement also does not inoculate him from criminal investigation."

Assessing what another Trump campaign would mean for Republicans, Cobb said:

"He is a disaster for the Republican Party for which he prevented a Senate majority in 2020 and, as time will demonstrate, has already done the same for 2022 with his endorsements of unelectable candidates all based on their loyalty or his own driving desire for revenge."

Cobb then addressed the lasting impact of Trump’s lies about the 2020 election.

"The Big Lie has been good only for Trump and has brought him millions in donations, which some evidence suggests may have been mishandled. The Big Lie, and the related violence, election interference and other perceived misconduct, was and is an affront to this nation and its first principles."
"It has permanently soiled the history pages and deepened the abyss that divides our country and continues to expand due to the delusions and lack of accountability of politicians in both parties."
"It should be disqualifying for Trump and his political acolytes, and would have been at any other time in our history."

Drawing on pop culture, Cobb added:

"To modify a well known Seinfeld quote—SANITY NOW!"

Cobb—a registered independent voter—concluded:

"The country needs desperately to move on with new and actual leadership from a younger generation. New leadership must return to serving and championing our Constitutional form of government and its three essential pillars and accompanying checks and balances."
"Because of the grand design of that Constitution and the courage of those who preceded us, the United States has led the world, fought tyranny, and promoted peace and freedom in our two and a half centuries."
"Now we must unite and save our own country—right now, while there is time."

Cobb has characterized his time in the Trump administration as a chance to serve the country, not the President.

The former White House lawyer stated repeatedly he didn't agree with Trump’s claims the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt and referred to special counsel Robert Mueller as an "American hero."