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GOP Rep. Called Out After Claiming 'Christmas Is Every Day' in Bizarre Twitter Rant

GOP Rep. Called Out After Claiming 'Christmas Is Every Day' in Bizarre Twitter Rant
Ken Cedeno-Pool/Getty Images

For months, National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director and top Biden health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has been cartoonishly vilified by Trump supporters for sounding alarms over the COVID-19 pandemic—the deadliest pandemic in American history.

Throughout 2020, Trump repeatedly positioned himself at odds with Fauci and other medical experts in their recommendations for slowing the spread of the virus. The former President blasted their mask recommendations, their calls for shutdowns, and their warnings against large gatherings.

Trump is gone now, but his politicization of the virus still lingers, with red states significantly more decimated by the virus than blue ones.

Fauci remains a favorite villain of the right as well, especially after recent comments in an interview for Face the Nation, where he was asked if it would be safe for Americans to gather in large numbers for holiday festivities.

"It's just too soon to tell," Fauci responded.

Conservatives were predictably livid, claiming that Fauci was on a crusade to cancel Christmas.

Right-wing Congresswoman Claudia Tenney was among those Republicans, boasting that regardless of comments from Fauci, she would be celebrating Christmas anyway.

After being reminded that Christmas is months away, Tenney responded:

"Christmas is a state of mind. It's every day."

The comment generated mockery online.

After being asked to elaborate on what "state of mind" Christmas was, Tenney insisted it was "personal," leading some to call B.S.