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Former Senator Lets Loose on 'This Little Small Man' Trump After RNC Violates the Hatch Act--and She Has No F***s to Give

Former Senator Lets Loose on 'This Little Small Man' Trump After RNC Violates the Hatch Act--and She Has No F***s to Give

At the end of the Republican National Convention's second night on Tuesday, First Lady Melania Trump delivered a nearly 30 minute speech to a crowd assembled in the newly-renovated Rose Garden.

While some outlets were chastised for saying the speech "restored a sense of normalcy," former Senator and current MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill didn't hold back when it came to her thoughts about the convention and President Donald Trump.

Watch below.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams asked McCaskill for her thoughts on the second night, which included Trump performing official executive duties such as presidential pardons and naturalization ceremonies, introducing a host of ethical issues.

McCaskill said:

"I have to take a deep breath here because I'm hopping mad. I'm just furious. I am furious at this little small man trashing the people's house with his narcissism and his ego. Using those people that were becoming American citizens as props. And by the way, he's the most anti-immigrant President in the history of our country."

She wasn't done.

McCaskill conceded that Melania Trump issued rare condolences to the 180+ thousand people who lost their lives due to the viral outbreak that happened under Trump's watch.

She continued:

"Let's be real about whether or not [Melania Trump] is really gonna help him with women in the suburbs. They know what the deal is here. They've all defended their husbands publicly. This is a woman whose husband had to pay court costs this week because he paid off a porn star, because he was having sex behind her back with a porn star right after she gave birth to their son. Give me a break. I am done with this guy."

McCaskill was alluding to earlier this week when a judge ordered Trump to pay $44 thousand to adult film actor Stormy Daniels, whom Trump's campaign paid to keep silent about an alleged affair with Trump in the early 2000s.

People shared McCaskill's outrage.

Like McCaskill, few people withheld their thoughts about the Republican National Convention.

The convention's third night commences at 8:30 pm on Wednesday