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Trump Official Tried Calling Joe Biden ‘Vice President’ and Chris Wallace Was Not Having It

Trump Official Tried Calling Joe Biden ‘Vice President’ and Chris Wallace Was Not Having It
Fox News

Fox News host Chris Wallace is a frequent target of President Donald Trump's social media ire, especially after the first presidential debate this past September.

Trump accused Wallace of favoring then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden after Wallace tried to cut off Trump's frequent, disruptive emotional outbursts over the course of the debate.

Three months later, Trump and his allies still refuse to accept the reality that President-elect Joe Biden won more than enough states in the 2020 election to earn 270 electoral votes and defeat Trump's bid for another four years in the White House.

Though a peaceful transition of power has been a key component of the United States' longevity, Trump has embarked on a weeks-long disinformation campaign to erode trust in America's democratic process among his supporters.

Meanwhile, his legal team has filed numerous lawsuits across a number of swing states in scattershot attempts at overturning the results of the election. They've lost 44 of these cases so far.

Despite the inevitability of a Biden presidency, many Trump administration officials still refuse to acknowledge Biden's victory.

In a move that may see him back on the receiving end of Trump's Twitter tirades, Wallace interviewed Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and pressured him to acknowledge Biden's victory.

When Azar referred to Biden as "the Vice President," Wallace urged Azar to call him "President-elect," in light of his election victory.

Watch below.

Wallace pointed out Trump's initial skepticism on mask-wearing in the face of the pandemic that's killed over 250 thousand Americans. Trump's mixed messages politicized the usage of masks, with many of his supporters falsely claiming that mask mandates were an attempt at government control.

Azar responded:

"Well, Chris, I welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April the president's guidelines for reopening have called [for wearing] masks."

Wallace interjected, reminding Azar that Biden was President-elect, and when Azar finished speaking, Wallace doubled down:

"First of all, it's 'the President-elect Joe Biden,' Secretary Azar. And secondly, the fact is, the President said on the first day, April 3rd, he wasn't going to wear a mask. He didn't wear a mask in public for three months until July."

People were pleased to see Wallace remind Azar of Biden's title.

They were none too pleased with Azar either.

Beginning January 20th, President-elect Biden will become President Biden.