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Right-Wing Youth Leader Compares 'Corner Bakery' Vax Mandates to Holocaust

Right-Wing Youth Leader Compares 'Corner Bakery' Vax Mandates to Holocaust
Media Matters for America

Since the early days of the pandemic that's killed more than 900 thousand Americans, conservatives have repeatedly railed against public safety guidelines and vaccine verification as government oversteps.

Far-right founder of Republican youth group Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk, is one such conservative. Last year, he whined that vaccine passports amounted to "medical apartheid." He's repeatedly embraced vaccine disinformation and acted as a leader of conservatives' fight against any vaccine or COVID-19 testing requirements.

But in a recent speech, Kirk's absurdity reached new heights when he compared having to confirm his vaccination status to the horrors of the Holocaust.

Watch below.

Kirk was discussing a recent interaction wherein a restaurant employee requested his proof of vaccination:

"[T]hey were being nice enough. They were being very compliant Stasi members of the regime, right? They would've been -- again, I never want to hear again, like, how could the atrocities of Germany happen? Like, go to Corner Bakery, alright? You'll see. Seriously. Show me your papers. Like, what? Like, I want a panini. This is weird. Show me your papers."

It's unclear how Kirk thinks vaccine verification at restaurants during an ongoing pandemic will lead to the antisemitic genocide of millions. Wildly offensive point aside, bars and restaurants already confirm ages before serving alcohol, and vaccine mandates have been in the United States, in some form, for centuries. Will Kirk balk at having to hand over his debit card at the end of the meal as well?

People were disgusted at the comparison.

Social media users soon began roasting him.