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Gitanjali Rao, Gitanjali Rao scientist, flint water crisis, tethys water tester, tethys lead detector

Gitanjali Rao: 11 Year-Old Girl Invented Device ‘Tethys’ to Detect Lead in Drinking Water

Inspired by the Flint water crisis, 11-year-old girl invents ingenious test for contaminated water.

3d printing human bones, 3d printed bone transplant, bone replacement surgery, ceramic implants, 3d printed bone replacement

Surgeons Are Now Implanting 3D Printed Bone Substitutes Into Patients

Researchers in Australia have developed a 3D printed implant that can heal a broken ...

hearing loss, tinnitus remedies, tinnitus, living with tinnitus, coping with tinnitus, famous people with tinnitus

What Is Tinnitus and What Famous Musicians Suffer From It?

Our noisy world is causing hearing loss and tinnitus. There’s no cure, but solutions ...

drawbacks of avatar therapy, avatar therapy, avatar therapy schizophrenia, what is avatar therapy, avatar therapy for persecutory auditory hallucinations: what is it and how does it work?, who developed a treatment for schizophrenia using avatars, Kings College London

How Does Avatar Therapy Work for Schizophrenia Patients?

A study showed people with schizophrenia can reduce the voices in their heads by ...

iodized salt, iodized salt benefits, effects of iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency and iq, nascent iodine increases iq

Adding Iodine to Salt Has Led to Improved Health & Increased IQs

Iodine’s health benefits include IQ boosting powers. But today, Americans are getting less of ...