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SOFI, soft robot fish

WATCH: MIT Just Invented SOFI: Soft Robotic Fish to Study Marine Life Up Close

A newly created, incredibly lifelike robot fish could potentially help scientists protect marine life ...

Boom Supersonic, hypersonic, hypersonic flight

China Is Developing a Hypersonic Jet That Will Allow Travel From China to New York in 2 Hours

High-speed technology could make travel faster than ever. It will also make warfare deadlier.

Nissan, nissan brain to vehicle, brain to vehicle, brain to vehicle video, nissan brain to vehicle tech

What Is Brain-to-Vehicle Technology? Nissan Uses AI to Anticipate Drivers’ Moves

Nissan has developed brain-to-vehicle (B2V) technology that uses a skull cap with EEG sensors ...

empathy, why is empathy important, the case against empathy, the problem with empathy

Empathic People Get Burned Out Easily, Scientists Recommend Compassion Instead

Psychologists and neuroscientists alike have begun to take a radically different stance on the ...