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scarlet fever, scarlet fever rash, cases of scarlet fever, what is scarlet fever, cases of scarlet fever, what is scarlet fever

STUDY: Theories for Why Scarlet Fever Is Making a Comeback Around the World

An illness thought to be mostly eradicated is alarming scientists with its startling comeback.

intermittent fasting, fasting improves brain function, fasting mental clarity, fasting and brain chemistry, fasting effects on the body

STUDY: Intermittent Fasting Diets Found to Improve Cognitive Function

The ancient practice of fasting finds new acolytes for its brain-boosting benefits, further proven ...

robots lying and cheating, sex robots, can sex robots cheat, sex robots ethical issues, sex robots relationships

STUDY: As Robots Evolve They Learn to Lie & Cheat

Robots made for sex might also have the capacity to do something else human ...

ketamine to treat depression, Ketamine, Suicide, Special K, Ketamine Infusions, Ketamine and depression

STUDY: Ketamine Injections Found to Significantly Reduce Suicidal Ideations in Patients

New research involving ketamine is showing a great deal of promise in individuals who ...

raw water, raw water trend, silicon valley raw water, untreated water

What Are the Dangers of Drinking ‘Raw Water’?

Summary: The raw water trend in California is all the rage—but it’s also dangerous.

cost of climate change, climate change economics, cost of 2017 storms, 2017 hurricanes, how expensive is climate changePuerto Rico Whitefish

REPORT: Climate Change Costs American Taxpayers $240 Billion Per Year

Short-sighted, purely-short-term-profit-driven and willful ignorance is having profound effects on not only the planet, ...

fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome latest research 2017, is chronic fatigue syndrome a real disease?, chronic fatigue syndrome statistics, chronic fatigue syndrome latest studies

STUDY: Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome an Actual Disease?

The cells of people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may not produce enough energy.