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‘Human Computer’: Who Is Katherine Johnson From ‘Hidden Figures’?

Despite segregation, racism, and misogyny, Katherine G. Johnson blazed a trail for scientists at ...

MIT Mars design

Who Won the 2017 Mars City Design Architecture Prize?

MIT was just one participant in an international competition in which teams submit proposals ...

Scientists Find Ancient Viruses Make Up 8% of Our DNA

Some our 'human' DNA comes from ancient alien viruses that colonized our ancestors’ bodies ...

pentagon pays soldier transgender surgery

The Pentagon Will Pay For Transgender Military Member’s Gender Re-Assignment Surgery

The Pentagon paid for an active-duty service member’s gender transition surgery that took place ...

techniques for lucid dreaming, lucid dreams, induce lucid dreaming tonight, lucid dreaming techniques, lucid dream sleep study

STUDY: 3 Strategies For Ensuring You Have Lucid Dreams

Study shows which techniques that are likely to produce lucid dreams.

quasi satellite 2016 ho3, 2016 HO3, asteroid 2016 ho3, quasi satellite

Asteroid 2016 HO3 Is Our Latest Quasi-Satellite

Astronomers have confirmed that asteroid 2016 HO3 is a quasi-satellite orbiting the sun and ...