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SOFI, soft robot fish

WATCH: MIT Just Invented SOFI: Soft Robotic Fish to Study Marine Life Up Close

A newly created, incredibly lifelike robot fish could potentially help scientists protect marine life ...

Donald Trump, Trump clean coal, clean coal technology, what is the war on coal, is coal sustainable

What Is ‘Clean Coal’ Technology?

Proponents of the prospect of boosting the coal industry in the United States, principally ...

Meri and Kody Sister Wives

Christine Confronts Meri on ‘Sister Wives’ [Spoilers]

On tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Meri becomes upset after learning that all of Kody’s other ...

climate change, climate change kids, climate change couples, climate change not having kids, environmental future

More Couples Are Choosing Not to Have Children Because of Climate Change

The U.S. birth rate has reached an all-time low, prompting some couples to admit ...

permafrost, can melting ice release viruses that are harmful to humans, zombie pathogens, diseases emerging because of global warming, diseases hidden in permafrost, diseases hidden in ice

As Climate Change Melts the Permafrost, ‘Zombie Pathogens’ May Be Released

As climate change melts the permafrost, slumbering pathogens may awaken and infect humans.