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raw water, raw water trend, silicon valley raw water, untreated water

What Are the Dangers of Drinking ‘Raw Water’?

Summary: The raw water trend in California is all the rage—but it’s also dangerous.

cost of climate change, climate change economics, cost of 2017 storms, 2017 hurricanes, how expensive is climate changePuerto Rico Whitefish

REPORT: Climate Change Costs American Taxpayers $240 Billion Per Year

Short-sighted, purely-short-term-profit-driven and willful ignorance is having profound effects on not only the planet, ...

alligator farm industry, Sunshine Alligator Farm, Operation Alligator Thief, Florida alligator poacher sting, alligator poaching in Florida

‘Operation Alligator Thief’: How Did Florida Wildlife Officials Catch Alligator Poachers?

Florida wildlife officials created an elaborate sting operation that successfully snared nine men alleged ...

Rollback of Offshore Oil Safety

Trump’s Interior Department Proposes Rollback of Offshore Oil Safety Rules

In the latest of a spree of anti-regulatory repeals of Obama era legislation, President ...

how much co2 does the amazon rainforest absorb, what does adding co2 to the atmosphere do to the planet's climate?, tropical forests release carbon, rainforests release more carbon, how much oxygen do rainforests produce,

STUDY: Tropical Forests Are Now Releasing More Carbon Than Oxygen Into the Atmosphere

Tropical rainforests are emitting more carbon than they take in due to deforestation and ...