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solar panels

WATCH: These See-Through Solar Panels Could Supply 100% of U.S. Energy Needs

See-through solar materials may be able to provide 100 percent of U.S.’s energy demands.

corporate carbon policy footprint, climate change influencers, these companies are most influential in climate policy debates, biggest polluters by industry, who is the top polluter in america

REPORT: ‘Corporate Carbon Policy Footprint’ Scores Show Polluters Still Hold Most Influence

Heavy polluters still have overwhelming influence in government climate change policy, but new companies ...

hippos, anthrax outbreak, Namibia

Anthrax Outbreak in Namibia Claims Lives of More Than 130 Hippos

Over 130 hippos and 8 buffalo in Namibia’s remote Bwabwata National Park have died ...

endangered species, Amazon

PHOTOS: In the Amazon Rainforest, a New Species Is Being Discovered Every 2 Days

Unprecedented number of new species found in Amazon rainforest amid battles over mining and ...