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Rightwing Activist Gets Hilariously Trolled After Making Pro-Choice Argument in Anti-Vax Post

Jason Davis/Getty Images

Far-right commentator Candace Owens has branded herself as one of the most outrageous right-wing media personalities, embracing conspiracy theories and making wildly false statements that have ingratiated her with conservative circles across the country.

In keeping with that, Owens vowed that neither her nor anyone in her family would be taking a vaccine against the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans, despite the proven safety of these vaccines against the virus and their demonstrated effectiveness at slowing the spread of the pandemic.

Though no one is being forced to take the vaccine, Owens emphasized that "[m]edical freedom is an individual right" that should never be violated.

While most would agree, it's a curious argument coming from Owens, who believes the government should mandate people to carry out their pregnancies to term.

In response to her tweet regarding vaccines, people wondered if she'd suddenly become pro-choice.

For her part, Owens dismissed the idea that the two issues were comparable.

It's a familiar argument from conservatives who believe that abortion is murder: that bodily autonomy is lost because a fetus is relying on the body to develop. Pro-choice advocates note that these same arguments are practically never deployed to force people to donate blood or organs to those who would die without them.

People disputed Owens' attempted rebuttal.

Contradictions abound.