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Right-Wing Activist Gets Dragged for Declaring That 'Under No Circumstances' Will She Ever Take a Virus Vaccine

Right-Wing Activist Gets Dragged for Declaring That 'Under No Circumstances' Will She Ever Take a Virus Vaccine
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For those unfamiliar with Candace Owens, she is a conservative commentator and political activist who now unofficially campaigns for President Donald Trump.

She has traded on her vocal criticism of efforts to bring light to inequality in law enforcement interactions with people of color to create a space for herself in right wing media.

For those who don't tune in to MAGA rallies or Fox News, Owens is best known as the person Kanye West accused of lying and taking advantage of him shortly after his visit to the Oval Office and praise of Trump. Owens claimed she worked with West on one of her pet projects, but West denied any involvement.

Owens occasionally makes headlines through saying things about Hitler or that racism doesn't exist or other attention getting schemes. With the world focused on the global pandemic and the rise of antivaxxers in media coverage, it was only a matter of time before Owens added the viral pathogen and vaccines to her repertoire of shock tactics.

On Twitter, Owens declared:

"This is your daily reminder that under no circumstances will I be getting any [pandemic pathogen] vaccine that becomes available."
"Ever. No matter what."

While some wondered who asked for that information...

...the majority of responses were fine with it.

You do you, Candace.

Despite the cries of antivaxxers, no one is forced to be vaccinated.

Others are just not forced to tolerate antivaxxers chosen contagious state.

Laws regarding vaccination always include an either or option.

There are no antivaxxer internment camps despite the cries of persecution.

Laws regarding vaccination only state that the vulnerable who cannot be vaccinated have a right to not be infected by people who choose to not be vaccinated in public spaces or in healthcare.

People wondered why Owens was latching onto the latest controversy getting attention.

Antivaxxers have a legal right to jeopardize their and their minor children's lives and health. Rules, regulations and laws that require vaccinations before entering certain public spaces or professions only state the voluntarily unvaccinated do not have the right to jeopardize the lives of those who cannot be vaccinated.

How long Owens will stay with this latest cause, now that her others have fallen out of the public eye, remains to be seen.

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