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A Man Who Scolded A Teen At ‘Hadestown’ For Cheering Too Loudly Has Sparked A Debate About Theatre Etiquette

Hadestown, a new Broadway musical based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, has taken Broadway by storm, endearing critics and newfound fans alike.

However, one fan’s enthusiasm during the show has become a hot topic on Reddit after an older audience member scolded the teenager for cheering too loudly after musical numbers.

Read the post below:

Cheering at a show from Broadway

Many older theatre goers insist that “woo”ing or showing more enthusiasm for actors than traditional applause is distracting and inappropriate.

Others believe that the actors feed off of the energy of the audience, and theatre is a rare occasion when actors giving inspiring performances can hear their audiences react in real time.

Most agreed that the man—who claimed to be on a voting committee for a theatre award—was in the wrong.

Some made the case that, at a certain point, cheering can go too far, but still agreed that the man’s actions were way out of line.

What are your thoughts? How much cheering is too much? Let us know in the comments!

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