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People Share Their Most Hated Songs From Otherwise Good Musicals

Even the most brilliant musicals can't be completely full of hits.

Frank Micelotta / Staff via Getty Images

Even the most brilliant musicals can’t be completely full of hits.

Whether it’s a song that feels out of place in the story or that clearly isn’t as up to par with the rest of the show, it’s not unusual to have at least one song you skip in an otherwise fantastic—even iconic—musical.

Reddit user justineisgreat asked Redditors on r/Broadway:

Worst song from a musical you love? from Broadway

People had lots of opinions.

Some of the Everything Broadway’s least favorite songs include “Your Eyes” from Rent, “Ireland” from Legally Blonde, “Something Bad” from Wicked, and “Big Doll House” from Hairspray. These are what Reddit said:

Not all of the opinions were unanimous.

Which songs from great musicals stick out like sore thumbs for you?

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